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League Options for Players

There are three options for where Little Leaguers can play.


  • Kids whose primary residence is within the local league’s boundary can play for that hometown league.


  • Kids can play for the league where their school is physically located. It's not by school district but literally where the elementary sits.


  • Kids from divided homes may choose to play in a league in whose boundaries either parent resides.


A player may not participate in more than one Little League program. 

Find My League


Little League has launched a brand new League Finder, where parents can simply enter an address online, and our database will find the league that the address resides in. If you think you reside inside Harveys Lake Little league's Boundaries you can make sure by plugging in your address.


Visit to take advantage of this great, new resource.







District 31

Harveys Lake Little League resides within and participates within district tournaments in PA District 31. Roughly 10 to 20 leagues in a given area usually comprise a district. The District Administrator is an experienced volunteer elected by the constituent leagues to provide leadership to each league, and serve as the liaison between the leagues and the Regional Director. These individuals are great resources for more information on the Little League offerings in your area. The District Administrator also organizes the District Tournament.

While Little League has evolved and expanded considerably since 1939, the one constant that will always remain is the organization’s commitment to strengthening communities while providing an opportunity for kids to play, and have fun with new and old friends.

To see more about the district go to

All Children that Attend Lake Noxen Elementary School are eligible to play in Harveys Lake Little League regardless of where they live.

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