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Congratulations to everyone participating in Harveys Lake Little League this year – it has been a great season of baseball!  The efforts and attitudes displayed by the players have exemplified the important ideals found in the Little League Pledgeabout playing fair, striving to win, and doing their best.  In addition, the efforts and attitudes displayed by the adults who support Little League have been admirable, and have followed closely the words found in the Little League Parent/Volunteer Pledge about teaching all children to play fair and do their best; positively supporting all managers, coaches and players; respecting the decisions of the umpires; and praising good efforts despite the outcome of games. 

For those chosen to participate on these tournament teams, we wish you good luck with your preparations, and in your tournaments.  Remember that you are representing not only yourselves and your families, but also your regular season teammates, Harveys Lake Little League overall, and the entire Harveys Lake regional area.  Thank you for your diligent efforts, your positive attitudes, and your sportsmanship!

Boys Majors 2017

Front Row (left to right): Bo Voelker, Jace Hynick, Cole Oberst, Gavin Wallace, Like Stogoski, Billy Jesso

Back Row (left to right): Travis Jones, Mason lee, Corey Bean, Nick Hockenbury, Logan Visneski, Dominic Johnson

Coaches: Manger - George Hockenbury, Chris Bean, Eric Stogoski, Jim Jones

GIRLS Majors 2017

Front Row (left to right): Chris Yetter, Trent Gaus, Von Voelker, Hunter Lee, Tanner Evans

Back Row (left to right): Hunter Palka, Zach Raklewicz, Conner Smigielski, Jake Naugle, Astin Sutterer

Coaches (left to right): Mike Gaus, Manager Ned Palka, Brian Smigielski,

Chris Sutterer

Front Row (left to right): Hope Hummel, Hailey Corey, Autumn Palka, Krista Scoblick, Delila Arnold, Rylie Bucknavage

Back Row (left to right): Coach Holly Kline, Mia Sult, Jillian Ulozas,

Hailey Kline, Haylie Meader, Coach Tammy Scoblick, Manager Mike Scoblick

Missing: Phoebe Cronin

Front Row (left to right): Morgan Brelsford, Lexi Shotwell, Sydney Sleyo,

Hayley Wallace, Ariana Visneski, Asti Murray

Back Row (left to right): Nora Zekas, Arianna Garrett, Ava Rogowski, Gracie Bucknavage, Hanna Chipego, Addyson Romanuski, Alahna Morris

Coaches (left to right): Kelly Brelford, Scott Shotwell, Lisa Wallace, and Manager Nicki Chipego

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