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Harveys Lake Little League, located in the heart of Harveys Lake, has been serving ball players from the Lake Lehman areas and local community for generations. There has been great support from the Harveys Lake Community over the years and many great teams and leaders. Harveys Lake started as a town team that played within a larger area league. They played teams like Noxen, Orange, Beaumont, etc... Little by little a ball field and grew up from nothing. Some great men in our community got together and started building a great field for kids to get together and play the great American game.

In 1980 Harveys Lake took a huge step forward when they applied to be a stand-alone chartered Little League within Little League international. Since then our organization has worked to grow and compete at the highest level within District 31.

As we celebrate 40 years of being a chartered league we have a lot of great people striving to make this league grow for the kids of tomorrow.

Harveys Lake Little League is part of District 31/16 in Pennsylvania. We are in District 31, and compete against the following during district play: Back Mountain, Northwest, Kingston, Swoyersville, West Side, West Wyoming, Exeter.

In the early days at our current field's location.

For Past Players or coaches that took part in any part of our long history stretching back through the generations we have set up a Facebook page to try and capture that history and to bring people back together. Go to "I played for Harveys Lake Little League" at this link we love to see the past team photos and commentary of past players and family.

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